Various Tips for Laser Tag Win

indoor laser tag

The ultimate laser tag color to wear is neon. Right? Incorrect. We advocate the use of dark clothing as a tool for camouflage. This ensures you are not being seen from across the house.

Another hint? By dressing in layers, avoid the evidence, ” I’m too cold,” or, ” I’m too hot,” Being the winner can sometimes get pretty heated so get ready to strip down to a comfortable temperature.

Learn how to layout

You don’t want to be that guy who keeps the whole game in the corner. Make it your first job to learn the space layout. You will get an advantage in examining the best places to target your attack.

Need further tips on indoor laser tag ? We do have them!

Keep shootout

Don’t stop taking shots! The people that you play with are a constantly rotating target, shoot them at every opportunity.

Do not miss about

Your initial thought may be to find a good spot and stay there, but rather to keep moving!

indoor laser tag

Don’t exploit the rest of the time

Going into the game at 100 percent will wear you out pretty fast. Don’t be afraid to use the times to rest and hydrate when you get hit. Drink some water, have a break, and recharge to give you the full effort in the