Tips on-site usability based on research results


There is a huge amount of site usability advice coming from various sources. Many recommendations sound logical and convincing, but even they need real data and reports confirming theoretical conclusions.

This article describes several conclusions in the field of usability, made on the basis of research, such as tracking the user’s gaze, and analytical reviews. Some tips may come as a surprise, which can completely change the look at the site design process. With ClearWebStats the process becomes easier than ever now.

Forget the three-click rule.

The idea that a user will be upset if he has to click more than three times to find the right content on your site has been in the air for many years. In 2001, a recognized authority on web design wrote that the three-click rule could help you create a website with an intuitive, logical, and structural hierarchy.

Sounds reasonable: Of course, the user will be very upset if he has to spend a lot of time clicking on the links to find the necessary information. But why set a limit of three clicks? Is there any information that the user suddenly refuses what he was looking for if he has to click more than three times?

In fact, the user does not refuse the result just because some magic number of clicks