Tips for Buying a Condo without Making Many Mistakes

Kaka'ako Realtor

Several recent studies indicate a strong overvaluation of the housing market. A sharp rise in interest rates or the phasing out of the housing bonus will inevitably have effects on house prices. So just wait a while before purchasing your home until the prices have fallen? For the pure real estate investor that might be an option. But your private home is more than an investment product. The question is also whether you will benefit greatly from this. If the fall in house price is the result of an interest rate rise or a less favorable tax system, the final balance may be negative. But with Kaka’ako Realtor the deals are perfect now.

Note the location

Location is a sacred word in the real estate sector because the location largely determines the value of a property. This is also the case for residential real estate. The quality of a location is also quite steadfast. That is why it is sometimes better to buy a less attractive property in a nice street than a nice property in an ugly street. You can relatively easily make the ugly house attractive, but that does not apply to the street. The art of buying real estate is being able to estimate which locations will be top in the future because at such locations there