The Perfect Use of the Photobooth: Learn the Ways

toronto mirror photobooth

Weddings, birthdays, corporate events: we see photobooths more and more as a major element of animation, but what is a photobooth exactly, what’s the point, and how does it work?


A photobooth is a stand-alone photo shooting device without a photographer and instant print. It is thus most often composed of a camera and its lighting system, an interface for controlling the taking of photos, and instant printing equipment. The toronto mirror photobooth in the situation: on the left the photo terminal, on the right, in the centre the print terminal, on the right, a guestbook space where you can paste photos.

Photobooth, or Photo Terminal?

The term “photobooth” is frequently used in France, but it is preferred the term “photo terminal” even if it is a little reductive because a “photo terminal” can only designate the photographic equipment, thus excluding the instant printing material. Marker names are also used to designate the photobooth, the best-known being “photobooth”, a term that speaks to as many people as possible. We also hear about photo booths or selfie terminal, using a term in fashion.

Photo booth or photo space

The photobooths can be in the form of a cabin they recall then automata photos available in public places which you avoid remembering the mark, or just an open space in which