The Dog licks his paws because of the Malassezia Pachydermatis

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This yeast is present throughout the body, but above all in the cushions, between the toes of the legs. If you notice that in dogs, there is an increase in yeast excess, it could be a symptom of pollen or food allergy or stress. Furthermore, the increase in Malassezia could favor the appearance of invading opportunistic bacteria. Usually, in the paws of dogs that have this problem, a white layer with orange nuances can be noticed, caused by the fact that the dog is licking continuously. Here is an informative post over the same.

How to prevent the dog from licking its bearings if it has Malassezia?

First of all, it is necessary to identify the cause of the excessive growth of the yeast on the legs and eliminate it or keep it under control. Until then, the spread of these fungi can be controlled by washing the area with chlorhexidine without diluted soap. These baths must be carried out every day and must last at least 10-15 minutes because chlorhexidine is only effective when it is in direct contact with the body.

Keeping bearings always dry helps a lot in keeping and reducing the presence of fungi, as they proliferate better and better in wet environments. If the dog does not allow itself to bathe the legs, the veterinarian