The Best of Computer Networking for UPS MAnagement


Decide what kind of equipment you want to protect, and how important the possibility of continuous operation is for you. Find out what problems most often arise in the power supply in your home. For the proper UPS management, this is important now.

The range of manufactured UPSs is very wide both in terms of characteristics and price. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to find out what kind of problems there are in the power supply, what kind of failure can be expected, and in accordance with this choose the appropriate type of UPS with a simple, complex or super-sophisticated degree of protection.

Buy a UPS whose capacity is 20-30% higher than the capacity of your system

When choosing one or another UPS, you should focus on the technical characteristics of the protected equipment, the main of which is power. Connecting a computer whose power exceeds the rated power of the UPS itself will overload the uninterruptible power supply, turn it off and, as a result, turn off the computer itself. To avoid this, you need to know the power of the equipment connected to the UPS and select a UPS whose rated power is greater than the maximum load power. It is desirable that the power of the UPS is 20-30% higher