Spotify will become the next big thing in the music industry

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Spotify, the most used streaming music app is famous for its various features you can make your collaborative song lists. To create this playlist you need to open a pop-up window on the left side of your screen which shows you an option called collaborative list, when you select that, a small icon appears overhead the file’s icon. Once you create this playlist all your friends with permission can delete or add songs into that playlist. When you feel that your friends are using this option overly you by adding and terrible music you can come out of this option at any time. The spotify premium gratis is useful for its premium users.

Find music quickly:

spotify premium gratis

Using the filter function you can find the music you need quickly, it helps you examine rifle over any song list with the filter purpose. When you hit control-F you can get this feature on your pc, and a search option will open on the current song list you have. You may type the word like the singer’s name, album, or song’s title it will help you to find out your favorite music easily.

On iPhone, you have to pull down the screen from the top in the current playlist and then the search option will appear before you, this feature does not apply