Should we fear the return of the currency war?

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The specter of such a scenario resurfaced regularly since the arrival at the White House of Donald Trump, who accuses several countries of manipulating their motto. The tribune world read the followings.

Can the trade war between the United States and China degenerate into a currency war? Since the arrival of Donald Trump at the White House in January 2017, the specter of such a scenario resurfaced regularly. On Thursday, May 23, the US Department of Commerce said it was considering new regulations to impose countervailing duties on countries “undervaluing their currency against the dollar” and “subsidizing their exports.” This was the general information. However, there are more than you need to know now. However, there are more.

The tribune world

In July 2018, the Republican President accused “China and the European Union” of “manipulating their currency by lowering their interest rates.” In February 2017, he criticized Germany for “taking advantage of an undervalued euro,” after accusing Japan of doing the same with the yen.

Mr. Trump seems to think that the relative strength of the greenback is necessarily the result of offensive actions of major foreign central banks. But nothing is less true: it is primarily the fruit of the policy of the Federal Reserve (Fed) itself. At the end of 2015, taking note of the good health of the US economy,