Phases of the Combat Archery

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First, the student looks ahead, positions himself comfortably on the line of fire, with his feet parallel, and looks forward without lifting his chin to compensate for the posture. Because of addictions and poor posture behavior, people tend to have a certain weakness in the supporting muscles of the spine and so when upright they tend to form scoliosis in the lumbar part to compensate for this weakness. For the combat archery singapore this is important.

This is noticed when the person starts to smash the butt and bend the spine inwards. Many find this pose beautiful and sexy and accentuates it on purpose especially women, and when wearing high-heeled shoes. This posture is harmful to the body, especially to the spine and the alley. We will encounter this same problem in weight training gyms with most of them wear wide leather belts to support the spine. With such belts, such athletes can afford to lift more weight than the body would support. And this is something that we want to avoid with the bow and arrow.

combat archery singapore

The second phase:

After filling the lung, with the head upright, the chin slightly lowered, with a certain tension in the neck, which is something natural because we tend to walk with the chin high to compensate for the muscular weakness of