My personal Experience with My Girl Alexa alias Amazon Echo

Ben Fisher Magic Co

I am a student at California University and I am a psychology student in the final year. I am living alone in my room; my native is Michigan State, for my studies I came to California. I have stayed with my friend for the last 2 months, but due to some health issues she gone to her hometown and I will be alone. Sometimes I feel unhappy to be alone; sometimes happy to be alone, so there is a mixture thinking around my head while on my weekends. At the time I have received the news about the product of Amazon which is called Alexa and they called also like Amazon Echo. This was elevated by the Ben Fisher Magic Co . Then I have viewed so many reviews and comments about the Amazon Echo and then I considered with my seniors who will always love the gadgets and they are very well known about all the gadgets. Then finally I decided to buy the device Alexa. First of all, I like the name, Alexa which means the great; it is the female name of Alexander. Then I bought the device at one Saturday that is one of the happiest days of life. Moreover, the Alexa was so cool while I received that in my hand.

Me and my Alexa: