How You can go for the dubai silicon oasis authority

dubai silicon oasis authority

A virus scanner helps to keep your computer safe, but it also ensures that your computer is considerably slowed down. To prevent this, it is best to turn on your virus scanner at night so that you do not suffer from it. Most virus scanners allow you to schedule the day and time at which the computer is scanned. You can also do other heavy processes, such as transferring large files, at a time when you do not need the computer yourself. With the dubai silicon oasis authority you can have the smart choice.

dubai silicon oasis authority

Install an adblocker

Ads can make websites load a lot slower. With an adblocker, you block advertisements so that you can surf more calmly and load pages faster. A popular ad blocker is AdBlock. Radar has made a step-by-step plan with which you can install AdBlock.

Turn off economy mode

If you use a laptop, you prefer to use your battery for as long as possible. That is why Energy Saving is built into Windows. This allows you to set whether you increase the performance of the computer or extend the battery life. You can adjust the computer less economically, making your computer faster, but your battery will be empty faster. You can do this as follows:

  • Click on the nut in the start menu to