How to care for your new terrarium

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Plant enthusiasts have enjoyed Terrarium Workshop for centuries. They’re a popular alternative to traditional potted house plants because of their beauty and low maintenance requirements. Moisture, light, and temperature are all necessary for moss terrariums to thrive.

  • All about Water

Several factors will cause each terrarium to differ slightly. Jar size, soil amount, environment, lighting, and so on. All of these things go into determining a watering schedule. Terrariums with firmly fit closures are more likely to retain moisture than those with any gap or no lid at all, resulting in a long time between watering. Once every eight weeks or so, lightly spray these terrariums. If you have a terrarium that isn’t completely sealed, you’ll need to water it more frequently. Spraying these every few weeks will help raise humidity inside the jar, occasionally adding 1/2-1 cup of water to the soil.

  • Light Requirements

In its natural environment, moss prefers a shaded place, but it does appreciate sunny unintended light. Regular room lighting is usually adequate, but it thrives close to a lamp or window (3-4 feet). Your terrarium should not be placed in a dark corner. However, never place the terrarium in straight sunlight, as the magnifying effects of its glass home will quickly roast it to death.

Terrarium Workshop

Artificial Light: Fluorescent or LED lights are recommended if the