How does Texas generate electricity?

Energy providers

Texas people have the option to pick their electricity providers. Though the electric prices in the wholesale market are a bit confusing and the price-fixing is not transparent. There are different types to produce electricity. In that mainly there are about six types. Energy providers  get the electricity in these ways. Texas has four electricity grid, in that ERCOT ( electricity reliability council of texas ) is the major grid which has more than 75 percent of the Texas power system which is interconnected. Let’s see the type of electricity that production and how it will be helpful to the people.

Energy providers

Wind turbines :

These produce electricity by the large blades that connected with the rotator similarly like a fan which spins around when there is the wind, this will convert the wind into the electric power. In Texas there is 18.6 percent of the electricity is produced by the wind. Many companies have wind turbines to sell electricity. If the farmer does not yield anything in their land they can give the land to these types of companies for the wind turbines under the lease contract. The company will invest in the land with wind turbines.

Solar power :

Solar power the radiation of solar energy is generated from the west of Texas. Though solar power is accounted for