Finer Values in the Use of the Locksmiths Now

If you have special values ​​or many values, the insurance company can set specific requirements for locks and any alarm. Still, it might be a good idea to take a closer look at how the house is secured with locks and keys. From the you need to have the best deals now.

Which locks are easy to open?

It is important to check the locks in the front doors both their age and type. It can also be difficult to get an overview of how many have the key to the door if an old lock is installed. If the home has been traded once or more with the same locks, there may be more than you think that holds the key to the home.

Virtually all brands have weaknesses. Some are easy to drill, others are easy to drill. Known systems like Ruko and Zeiss have weaknesses if the lock is old. Older Ruko locks where the keys have a round head and 5 pins are relatively easy to open.

New locks are more direct and drill proof and are typically made with 6 or 11 pins. Both types are good, but the one with 11 pins is the safest for older Zeiss locks, the weakness lies mainly in the fact that the lock’s construction makes it easy