Fine Lines for the starting an online business in dubai

starting an online business in dubai

The independent experts that you consult tell you that a technology service provider charges between 1,500 to 2,000 euros to set up an online store based on a quality template Prestashop style, a proven solution, with a minimal, functional design for a common project and give you some training. That does not include business monitoring. And neither does maintenance. For starting an online business in dubai this is important.

It is a starting point. But is it right or wrong? I don’t know, so you ask a web software developer. When evaluating a budget, divide the total investment you have to make between 40 euros an hour somewhat expensive, and thus you will have the number of hours that you will dedicate to your project. With the budget in your hands, it gives you 45 hours to carry out my project. Although there are lower prices, you prefer to go to average table prices and calculate shipping costs in the worst-case scenario in a low volume of sales. Experts insist that you can negotiate with these providers.

starting an online business in dubai

And This, How Do I Sell It?

What market share are you going to stay? What market share do you estimate for the short, medium and long term? This is the initial question asked in two different ways that many marketing experts ask