Final review of the dossier for the right Kind of Loans


Once the bank has obtained the Value’s approved value, the complete home and buyer’s file is sent to the bank’s mortgage center and, if applicable, to the borrowing company along with the necessary explanations from your specialist. Mortgage to be plead your cause. These courts approve or refuse the file and send back to the bank, if any, the explanations of that decision. Do not worry however, if your mortgage specialist has prepared the file well in advance, it is very rare to be refused. You should have gone for the เอกสารกู้บ้าน also.

Verification of ownership titles

The bank and the buyer need to be sure that the property is not affected by rights restrictions legal sites, owners other than those declared, restrictions on the right to use the property. Often, it is necessary to produce a new localization certificate on the seller’s money plus a check of these titles by the notary.

Ensuring the building

Your bank requires property to be insured against fires, floods and any other accidents that can cause devaluation of the building. It is your responsibility to look for property insurance for your future home.


The money on the notary’s table

The bank sends the money to the notary who processes the documents, and you will pay the money to the notary in the form