Essential Voyage in the Perfect Electricity Process

Electricity Plans

With the beginning of the year, the possibility of increasing the electricity bill of our homes, but saving energy is important not only because it affects our pocket, but because greater consumption affects the environment. Here are some tips to be more sustainable and save, spending less electricity:

Electricity Plans

The house lights

Turn off the lights you don’t use. It’s easy to get used to turning off the light when you leave a room. Use energy-saving lamps that consume a fifth of the energy of an incandescent and remember that when it doesn’t work anymore, you have to take them to a specific collection and recycling point for this type of lamp. If possible, use LED lamps. They consume one tenth of an incandescent lamp and last up to 500 times longer. With the best Electricity Plans the utility will be perfect also.

Electrical appliances

Turn off the computer at night. Do not leave it on or in standby. You don’t have to leave your mobile phone charging all night. With a few hours is enough. Unplug the artifacts you are not using. 8% of the electricity in your home is consumed by stand-by devices. This is what is known as vampire consumption. Lowering the brightness of the TV screen reduces consumption by 30% to 50%.


Buy appliances with energy