Choose Your Options Wisely: The Best of the Air Conditioning

Explosion Proof AC

With the onset of summer and hot days, many of us are thinking about purchasing and installing an air conditioner. With the Explosion Proof AC you need to have the best deals now.

The Majority Options

If you belong to this majority, then consider that you have already made the main mistake. It is best to choose and buy air conditioners in the fall or winter when there is no such demand for them, and the prices are much lower.

Nevertheless, how to navigate and not be mistaken with the choice among such a variety that is full of online and simple shops? In the pictures, all split systems look almost the same, but prices can vary significantly – from 10,000 rubles to several thousand dollars.

The most expensive air conditioners

However, this does not mean that buying an inexpensive option, it will break during the first season. The difference in price category and quality do not always go hand in hand.

Of course, you can listen to the sales assistant who has mastered the standard training manual, and as a result, buy exactly what you need to sell to the store. But it is better to choose your own way, paying attention to five main parameters.

Inverter or conventional air conditioner

So, the most important choice is to buy