Chinese Films With the best Features Now

In recent years, Chinese cinema has experienced a spectacular boom, as much by the artistic and commercial ambitions of its productions as by the number of its spectators moving in the rooms newly built big cities. At the same time, thanks to the openness and advances in new digital technologies like DVD and the Internet, ancient Chinese films can now be viewed. Many films long considered missing or inaccessible are available for both Chinese and foreign audiences.

This access to old movies, but also written sources like press articles, film posters, various texts, a widening favored the development of knowledge. From Shanghai cinema of the 1930s to Hong Kong cinema of the 1950s or 1960s, in passing through Taiwanese cinema, it is the whole history of Chinese cinema which opened up, widely modifying the Manichean vision prevalent. A visit to makes things perfect.

Nourished by foreign sources

Heir to an art born outside borders where it flourishes itself, Chinese cinema is in the image of Chinese society itself. This, in turn, opens to the outside or folds in on itself. The cinema, incontestably, undergoes, during its history, various foreign influences often difficult to detect with sharpness, although at certain times those of the American and then Soviet cinemas are obvious. However, he is constantly looking for an identity of