Best Details for the Perfect Solar panels

Solar Panels Claims

Solar panels (solar thermal) heat domestic water and can be used in addition to the heating support. This saves valuable resources (oil and gas) and avoids environmentally and climate-damaging emissions. The Solar Panels Claims are essential there.

Installing Solar Panels: Roof orientations from East to South to West are possible

For east or west orientation, more collector area is needed. A system for hot water production needs per person 1 to 1.5 m 2 collector surface and for four people about 300 liters of storage. It supplies approx. 60% of the required hot water throughout the year. 6 m 2 of surface generate approx. 2,000 kWh / year. This saves about 450 kg of greenhouse gases. The investment costs for flat-plate collectors are approximately 4,000-6,000 dollar. Vacuum tube collectors provide better energy yield but are more expensive. The profitability of the plant depends on the condition of the building, the current heating system, and fuel prices. Precise individual planning is essential. It covers the topics:

  • Only water heating or heating support?
  • Which collector type?
  • Which heat storage?
  • Which system concept (suitable interconnection of solar collectors, heat storage and heating system)?
  • Costs, financing and funding opportunities
  • Heating cost savings and economy
  • Choice of an experienced craft company.

A manufacturer-independent energy consultancy offers, e.g. many consumer centers. Helpful online consulting tools and